Kalitec is a design, production and integrated service company. less than 5% of our products are manufactured by external suppliers. Operations take place on two different sites totaling more than 20,000 square feet.



Contribute to collective wellbeing through the development and realisation of high performance solutions in signaling, road safety and signage for the enhancement of public spaces.
Achieve the level of our expectations

Act without remorse

Be stronger together

integrated company

Highly qualified staff and equipment at the cutting edge of technology!


Kalitec designs their products with the goal of making the most efficient products on the market. Design is taken above and beyond the standard parts available on the market. For example, when manufacturing the Kalitec post (with KalifixTM technology), the pole is custom made by an exclusive supplier using a special type of steel.

Kalitec also has a unique expertise in designing with aluminum, a material that is essential to many of their products. In fact, the company has more than 50 extrusion molds and 5 different alloys that are used when manufacturing their products.

Metal Transformation

Kalitec transforms metals using advanced CAD/CAM techniques. Both aluminum sheets and aluminum extrusions are transformed using automated, high-precision cutting equipment.


Kalitec uses a powder paint technique to colour and protect their products. A production line with high-performance equipment allows for a high level of productivity while maintaining the utmost quality.


Kalitec produces the graphic components of their products themselves in a climate-controlled department. High performance printers and rolling mills ensure consistent quality.


Kalitec has had their own thermoplastic encapsulation department for the past 10 years. This has allowed the company to offer their exclusive Print ArmorTM, a finishing process that increases product durability.


A new factory dedicated to electronics opened on August 1, 2016. With a surface area of 8,500 sq ft., Kalitec was able to increase their production capacity tenfold in this ever-growing sector.
Mechanical and electronic
R & D laboratory
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International presence
Nearly 600 client municipalities

"300,000 posts installed"

– Gérald Nadon, Kalitec Installer for more than 25 years

1988, the beginNings
Foundation of Kalitec in a garage of Ste-Rose. The company initially offered high performance products in the field of signaling.

1996, Kalifix™DEVELOPED
This innovative system makes it possible to restore, in a few seconds, a damaged signal support without having to replace it with a new one!
It requires simple tooling for maintenance and complies with the L6X safety standards of the supports yielding under impact.
Pioneer in intelligent signage in Quebec with the reinforced LED panel. Since then, a wide range of intelligent signaling solutions have been added and allowed KALITEC to position itself as a major player in the market.
2009, Print-Armor™
This technology is the culmination of nearly a decade of research and development. The Print-Armor ™ process completely covers the surface of the panels with a satin-finish thermoplastic layer, greatly increasing their resistance to weather and vandalism.
2012, Smart Display 2.0
Kalitec invests in the development of electronic solutions. This leads to the 2nd generation flashing panels and Kali-Flash.
2016, on the way to the future ...
Development of the first Dynamik™ plastic cabinet. Since then, Kalitec has been developing intelligent billboards at the forefront of remote control technology.
oUr tEAM

Eclectic Talents 

We are a team of 40 employees, each a specialist in their own domain.

Ahmed Houmanne, CPA
HEC Montréal/UQAM
DESS Accountacy
HEC Montréal
Carmine Falbo
Production Worker
DEP Butcher's Shop
École Hôtelière de Montréal
Frederick Lacas
Forklift Operator
Johanna Guery
Human Resources Coordinator
Cert. Human Resources Management
HEC Montréal
Patrick Laliberté
Concordia University
Serge Vincent
Printing Operator
Trained Watchmaker/Jewelmaker
Institut d'Horlogerie du Canada
Kalitec teammember since 2011
Aimé Malou Mbuyi
Production Worker
Carolane Côté
Sales Assistant
BAA (BBA) Student
Gérald Nadon
Kalitec's First Employee
Mario Roy
DEC Mechanical Fabrication
Cégep de Sherbrooke
Pierre Poirier
Sales Representative
DEC Logistics
Cégep André-Laurendeau
Vladimir Mihailescu
Technical Support Specialist
B.Ing. Mechanics
Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti (Bucharest)
Anne-Marie Langlois
Sales Representative
B. Sociology
Sales and Business Strategy
Prime Ressource
Carole St-Denis
Business Development,
Major Accounts
Dip. Broadcasting - Radio and Television
Algonquin College
Guillaume Moreau
DEP Welding
CFP en métallurgie de Laval
DEP Industrial Drawing
CFP Compétences 2000
Marshall Johnson
Sales Representative
MA Educational Technology
Concordia University
BA Communications
Université de Montréal
Richard Côté
Production Supervisor
DEP Machining
Poly. Hyacinthe-Delorme
ASP Digital Control
CFP Deux-Montagnes
Supervisor since 1999
Yves Déry
Operations Manager
DEC Sciences Humaines
Collège Ahuntsic
Numerous trainings in
Aeronautics and Quality Control
(ISO, Certified M.Q.Q. Lean Master, etc.) Manager since 1991
Anthony Lapointe
Sales and Marketing Director
HEC Montréal
Charles-Emeric Lapointe
General Manager
HEC Montréal
Ilham Es-Sebiri
Sales Assistant
B.Sc. Biology
Cadi Ayyad University (Marrakesh)
Nasrin Mostofi
Sales Representative
B.Sc. Radiology
Iran University of Science and Technology (Tehran)
Samuel Bérard
Industrial Designer
DEC Industrial Design
Cégep du Vieux-Montréal
DEC Music (trombone)
Cégep Marie-Victorin
Yves Vézina
Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Boubacar Barry
Félix-Antoine Edger-Sauvé
Design Director
BDes Environment Design
Jean Lapointe
Nathalie Masson
Sales Coordinator
B. Industrial Relations
Université de Montréal
Sébastien Lebeau-Baril
Installations Coodinator
DEP Cabinet Working
École des métiers du meuble
Liquid and Electrostatic Paint Finishing
since 2005
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