Information and routing

Provide clear indications to make wayfinding more effective. 
Routing Signage is the perfect tool to make traveling easier for your citizens and visitors. Kalitec's custom routing solutions are among the most advanced on the market. They offer a high degree of quality and aesthetics and help you to achieve a sustainable revitalization of your urban environment.

Wayfinding signs

Improve citizen services. Beautify. Inform.
Our wayfinding signs combine esthetics with clear information.


Enhance. Customize. Save.
A municipality’s identity can be heightened greatly by installing beautiful street signs. In fact, they add a unique touch and strengthen the residents’ feeling of pride towards their community.
Kalitec’s design team has created a wide range of street signs in a variety of different styles. All designs are adapted to your choice of colours or can be customized according to your specific needs.


 Control access points.
Kalitec’s sturdy, yet esthetically-pleasing chicanes and bollards are the ideal product to secure the entryway


Identify. Secure. Personalize.
Kalitec's civic address signs allow you to see the entrance to houses that are further back from the road, day or night. Easy to install and maintain, very sturdy yet esthetically pleasing, they allow everyone from emergency services to delivery drivers and house guests to easily find your address at all times.

To dramatically improve your traffic logistics, it's so simple ...