RRFB -  Kali-Flash

Crossing the road at crosswalks... safely

Flash. Slow down. Protect.

Kali-Flash™ signs are complementary to the static signs used at crosswalks and help increase visibility when a pedestrian is about the cross the road. They have two rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) that alternate to catch the attention of drivers on the road.

53 times more effective than a standard crosswalk; it saves lives!
Impossible to miss!
The  KALI-FLASH by Kalitec consists of two rectangular lights that alternately light up and flash rapidly, similar to the lights installed on emergency vehicles.
How is it activated?
Kali-Flash is activated when a pedestrian pushes the button. A warning light allows the pedestrian to see that the  lights have been activated.
Has been approved
Approved in the United States (FHWA) and in Ontario (OTM). Under study by the MTMDET.

Optimized design

Over 200 Kali-Flash have been installed since 2015.
remove the guess work

Easy to install

The installation of a Kali-Flash is completed in less than an hour.
Solar power, push button and wireless communication on a customized post. 



Designed for uninterrupted operation in our Canadian climate.
Cold and shock resistant, a 3-year limited warranty on components and labor.
Solar or electric.
Kali-Flash costs a fraction of the price of traffic lights.
This powerful safety solution to reduces the risk of accidents.