Parking management and operations

Organize road maintenance operations and inform your citizens.
New smart city technologies bring you innovative solutions to increase the performance of your operations.
Kalitec unites with specialized partners around the world to realize your smart city projects. By developing products such as our snow removal lights, Kalitec is already in the future.

LED no parking signs

Provide your citizens with overnight parking 
Our LED parking signs help optimize the efficiency of urban services and operations by connecting citizens with the city and offering parking access in previously blocked off areas.
Kalitec’s LED parking signs are a great solution for replacing your temporary ‘no parking’ signs. Permanently installed and powered by solar energy, parking signs can be activated remotely or programmed according to maintenance or street snow removal needs. It is a great help in managing parking during snow removal operations. 

Parking Available Signs

Optimize your spaces
The Parking Available Signs system allows you to count then to display in real time the number of vacant spots in parking lots.

Offer more services by taking control of your Parking Management ...