Montreal Olympic Park

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Tourism Information Point


  • Architectural sign
Cutomer: Régie des Installations Olympiques
Services: Design, manufacturing, installation
Year: 2019


With thousands of people flocking to the Montreal Olympic Park every year, the advantages of a central tourism information point to help guide them to the various on-site attractions and amenities were clear.

The Kalitec team was asked to prepare the mechanical design for the structure and subsequently see to its manufacturing and installation. Among the particularities that had to be taken into account: the incorporation of two interactive screens and access to the inside of the station for maintenance purposes.

We are very proud of the final results. The methodical approach we took at every stage of the project helped ensure a sleek, seamless finish. The unit was delivered and installed within the stipulated project timeframe.

« We are impressed by the results! It looks great, very professional. Congratulations to your entire team. »

Christina Pagé
Marketing Planning, Montreal Olympic Park

Final assembly at the Kalitec plant.
Final assembly at the Kalitec plant.