The Quebec Road Safety Code contains the main guidelines and traffic regulatory standards, with the aim of preserving the integrity and safety of users of public spaces, and minimize unfortunate situations. At Kalitec, we believe in the importance of enforcing these bylaws, and for this reason, we present below some of their main components.

General Aspects of the Quebec Highway Safety Code

If you have recently obtained your driver’s license, or if you are an experienced driver, it is always necessary to review the rules set out in this code.

Driving under the influence of alcohol

If you are stopped with an alcohol level that equals or exceeds 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood (0.08), you would be committing an offense. Consequently, you would be arrested and possibly receive a criminal conviction. This applies to all ages and licenses. It includes those that have been extended on a temporary basis, such as probationary licenses. Your age does not exempt you from committing crimes, so you must ensure road safety with your actions. It is important to mention that you would be breaking the law, even if you are only in custody or control of the vehicle. The police will evaluate if there is a possibility that you would want to start the car, even if the car is not running. Remember that in the case of consuming alcoholic beverages, you should opt for responsible alternatives. Consider designating a driver, use public transportation or call a cab service. The important thing is not to put yourself and other road users at risk. Think about the consequences: removal of your driver’s license, affecting your personal record and, of course, criminal charges.

Speeding and Road Safety

Speeding will result in consequences on your driving record and removal of your license for up to sixty days. In addition, your vehicle will be impounded, if it is a second offense, and probably criminal consequences. It could even cost you entry to some countries in the region or the possibility of learning or practicing certain trades. According to the Quebec Highway Safety Code, dangerous driving will bring your case before a judge. The judge will decide what the monetary value of your fine will be and for how long your license will be revoked. This is why it is essential to keep an eye on the road signs. Speed limits vary, whether you are in the city, on highways or in towns. Remember to adjust your speed according to weather conditions. It is well known that there is no worse combination than inclement weather and reckless driving. Each of these aspects must be taken into account, but the main concern will always be to preserve the integrity of citizens. With this need, awareness-raising initiatives for drivers have emerged, such as the one developed in 2018 in St-Constant, in the Montérégie region. On that occasion, life-size figures of children were displayed near kindergartens and schools. They held signs encouraging drivers to slow down their vehicles. H2 Simple actions can make a difference The chance of surviving a traffic accident without wearing a seat belt is reduced by almost half. As a violation of the Quebec Highway Safety Code, it represents a fine of up to $300.00. The number of passengers in a vehicle must be equal to the number of seats equipped with seat belts. Another behavior that can save your life is to refrain from using a cell phone while driving. In Quebec, you will be penalized with a fine for the use of a mobile device while driving. You will also get demerit points and the forfeiture of your driver’s license.

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