The role that signage plays in road safety in Quebec is to ensure the well-being of drivers and pedestrians. This is why respecting the road safety code in Quebec must be taken seriously.

Knowing the traffic signs is essential for a healthy coexistence with other road users. Children are taught to respect the crosswalk, to know the traffic signs and the risks involved in omitting any of them. 

That is how important they are. 

Kalitec is a signage company in Quebec committed to ensuring the safety of its inhabitants. For more than thirty years, they have been dedicated to implementing modern technologies in the signage work they carry out. 

In keeping with this commitment, this article presents some of the main implications of signage on road safety issues. 

Signage in road safety in Québec

The Quebec Road Safety Code states that signage is an essential communication system between the road and the road user. In addition to being indispensable to ensure the safety of road users, it allows drivers to anticipate various mishaps that may arise. 

It is obvious that in order for a person to acquire a driver’s license, he/she must know all the rules established in the regulations. However, traffic signs serve as a sort of reminder of each of them. 

This same code establishes that, in order to carry out the work of road signs, it is essential that the signaling companies follow the parameters and guidelines established by the Ministry of Transportation. 

What is road safety?


road safety

Road safety
is a set of rules, norms and general indications. They seek to prevent and minimize the number of road accidents that occur on the road. These mishaps include traffic accidents involving motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other entities that are part of the public road. 

It is important to mention that road safety issues are not only reduced to the corresponding regulatory institutions. Moreover, it is not only about drivers or motorists. Road safety is also about providing pedestrians with information that motivates appropriate behavior in public.

Thus, there are two types of actions that can contribute to the safety of pedestrians. The first are of the “active” type, corresponding to all those activities that are carried out in a preventive manner. The second, of the “passive” type, refers to actions aimed at minimizing the effects of road accidents. 

In this sense, it is the responsibility of citizens to know the Road Safety Code of each city and the signaling regulations.


What is the Road Safety Code?


The Road Safety Code is a system through which vehicular circulation on public roads or private land is regulated. It is issued by the entity in charge of establishing regulations on vehicle control, transport of people or goods by road. 

Each of its guidelines has been established in order to preserve the safety of road traffic circulation in Quebec. Consequently, the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.


Kalitec signaling technology for road safety in Quebec


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