Design and Customization

Kalitec is a design expert

 Kalitec is proud to be recognized on the market as a business that prioritizes aesthetics and performance for your projects. Our experienced designers and engineers always find the best solutions to fit specific constraints and greatly value the following:

  • mechanical design
  • visibility and legibility
  • aesthetic finish.

Whether your goal is safety or urban revitilization, we will develop an effective and aesthetic solution.

​Our expert designers and engineers are at your service

Industrial designers

Our team is made up of experienced designers. Concealed hardware, subtle details, skillful use of colour…real experts!

Graphic designers

Our graphic designers design our standard products or products with customized visuals according to your requests.

Electronic engineers

Our electronic products are designed and developed in our facilities by our experts in the field.

Our engineers are at the heart of the development of the Dynamik cloud platform MC, one of Kalitec’s great inventions.

Research and development

With constant development, we are contributing to creating the future.


Our team thrives on extraordinary projects. Put us to the test !


Our products are at the top of the high-end market. In that respect, we work hard to create unequaled designs made of durable materials so as to prevent premature breakage.

Here for you

We work hand in hand with our clients. We listen and understand your intentions and offer solutions as well as expert advice.