Design and Customization

At Kalitec, we are proud of the reputation we have earned in the road sign and marker industry as top consultants committed to delivering products that look great and perform even better. You can trust our professional team of design specialists and engineers to find the best solution for any challenges you may be facing, with a particular focus on:

  • Precise mechanical specifications
  • Visibility, legibility and clarity
  • Attractive appearance and durability.

Whether your goal is to protect public safety or to upgrade your community’s image, we will work with you to develop a solution that delivers quality you can trust and a look you will be proud of.

Parc Pierre Elliott Trudeau - KalitecYou can rely on our expert designers and engineers to deliver excellence every time

Industrial designers

Our highly qualified industrial designers will walk you through every last detail of your project with mounts, fittings and other accessories that are next to invisible and colour schemes that complement the surrounding environment and fulfill their stated purpose.

Graphic designers

Our graphic designers have a knack for finding the perfect look for you – whether you need standard products or personalized visuals developed to meet your precise specifications.

Electronic engineers

Our products are designed and developed on site at Kalitec by our seasoned team of experts.

Our engineers are also the driving force behind the development of our cloud-based DynamikTM, platform, one of our company’s most innovative achievements to date.

Research and development

We are firm believers in the importance of R&D and its vital role in building the community of tomorrow.


There’s nothing our team is more passionate about than a job well done and the chance to showcase their talents. Give us a challenge and watch us excel!


We pride ourselves on manufacturing a premium-quality line of upscale products using robust, durable and damage-resistant materials made to stand the test of time.

Customer-centric focus

We work hand in hand with our customers. We listen to what you have to say, drill down to make sure we have a clear grasp of your needs and priorities, let you tap into the insight and expertise of our dedicated team of experts, and commit to finding a solution that works for  you.