Street Signs

A beautiful design is where we shine            

Enhance. Customize. Save.

A municipality’s identity can be heightened greatly by installing beautiful street signs. In fact, they add a unique touch and strengthen the residents’ feeling of pride towards their community.
Kalitec’s design team has created a wide range of street signs in a variety of different styles. All designs are adapted to your choice of colours or can be customized according to your specific needs.
Totally customizable in shape and colour. Embellish the signs with the logo of your municipality!
The panel, the decorative support and the fasteners are made from an aeronautical grade aluminum alloy.
2D or 3D
Our street signs can be standard laser-cut aluminum plate or 3D wich is richer in style.

Decorative Trims

Street signs with decorative trims are made in the shape and colour of your choice, based on the look and feel of your municipality wishes to project.

Heritage Street Sign

The Heritage Street Sign is designed to conserve the charm and appeal of the past yet integrating our high manufacturing standards.
finiSHing touch

Decorative brackets

The Street Name on a Decorative Signpost offers the same customization options as the decorative trim, but with a more traditional design.
A wide variety of poles: elliptical, fluted, square for an aesthetic and robust result.
Quick installation, on all Kalitec posts or on existing structures.
Electrostatic paint for outdoors, anti-UV.
A decorative trim can be made to the shape of your choice.