The Breakaway Pin : Kalifix™

With  Kalifix™ The Breakaway Pin... You will simply have the best post in the world. 

Ecological. Safe. Economic.

The Kalifix™ technology consists of a steel post that is anchored to the base with a breakaway pin, which gives way if the post is hit. Two ductile metal rods allow the post to be immediately straightened after impact. Alternatively, the pin can be replaced in 2 minutes.
Kalitec anchoring system
Designed to fit securely, easily and quickly in soil, asphalt or concrete.
The Kalifix™ Pin
The Kalifix™ pin system reduces the time required for repairs.  It also allows for the recovery of 90% of the structure.
The post has an elliptical shape and is made from a special manganese steel alloy that allows it to be more resistant to impact. It is made to last.


The Kalifix™ System is designed to yield safely when hit by a vehicule. It conforms to the NCHRP 350 standard and saves lives.

If impacted...

Can be straightened in seconds.
Time and money

... are saved when our post is repaired

…In a few minutes!
Pin dimensions: 43 mm (1.7 in) x 48 mm (1.9 in) x 229 mm (9 in) long.
Elliptical piece in black painted aluminum alloy.
NCHRP350 and AASHTO. Meets Quebec Ministry of Transport L6X standard.
internal rods
2 steel rods painted with a zinc primer give this breakaway pin its renoun.