The Silhouettes

Our goal is your safety 

Let's protect our children !

Kalitec's silhouettes are very effective tools in slowing vehicles down in areas with a lot of children around. They make drivers aware and contribute to keeping our roads safe.
The silhouettes are made to scale,  are visible from a distance and alert drivers that children are in the area.
The silhouettes come with standardized or customized message, depending on your specific needs.
Various applications
Installed in the middle of the street or on the side of the road, their efficiency is impressive!

On the side of the road

Silhouettes are available in a rigid design and have Print-Armor anti-graffiti and anti-UV treated aluminum. They can be installed on any surface.


In the middle of the street

Silhouettes are also available in flexible materials.
They bend back to their initial position after being hit time and time again. They are mounted onto a Steel-flex™ flexible beacon. Screwed into the asphalt, placed between two opposite lanes, they are the most efficient to slow down vehicles.

High strength

Flexible Steel-Flex ™ silhouettes return to their original position impact after impact !

rigid silhouette : PRINT-ARMOR 
Protection against UV rays and graffitis.
rigid silhouette : MATerial 
Aerospace-grade aluminum alloys

2 Standard models
Possibility of other models on request.
UV protection of lexans.

The Steel-flex ™ Beacon recovers impact after impact. It is composed of a flexible steel alloy protected by the ArmorGalv anticorrosive process, in addition to a primer and then a polyester powder coating.