In response to ongoing speeding problems on community streets, the Town of Mirabel decided to try something new: the Kalitec police cutout. The results were immediate. Overall traffic slowed by close to 10 km/h, and the number of speeding drivers went down an impressive 32%.

The Town of Mirabel spearheaded this pilot project in conjunction with local police in an effort to improve road safety for all users. Three sites where speeding was known to be a problem were selected for the two-week trial period in July 2019.

The Town’s goal was to determine the effectiveness of the police cutout in key areas by comparing speeding data before and after the cutout went up.

Kalitec was proud to partner with municipal authorities for this project and issued a set of recommendations to help maximize the outcome. One of these recommendations was to leave the cutout in place for no more than 24 hours at a time.

As you can see in the before and after charts below, the results were telling.

The police cutout had a clear and decisive impact on reducing speeding. Vehicle speeds decreased by 32% on Des Bouleaux Street and 11% on De l’Esplanade Street. This proves to be an efficient solution for raising motorists’ awareness and changing their behaviours.

The Town’s Communications Department kept an eye and ear out for public feedback about the cutout. None was received. There were no negative comments from the local police force either.

All in all, the Town of Mirabel’s objectives were met:

  • Speeding was reduced in problem areas.
  • Comparative before/during/after data was gathered.
  • Slower speeds were maintained over time.
  • Collaboration was established with local police.
  • An informed decision could be made about the permanent acquisition of police cutouts.

Given the compelling results of the pilot project, the Town of Mirabel decided to purchase three cutouts, and a setup strategy was developed in conjunction with the police department.


Kalitec would like to thank all the partners who contributed to this project. If your community is in a similar situation, feel free to contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you meet your safety goals.