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Safely crossing the street


Efficiency rate at intersections, Kali-Flash TM

times more effective than a road sign alone

Among the causes of accidents involving vulnerable users such as pedestrians or cyclists, the most impactful factors are inattention and failure to yield the right of way.

Source: SAAQ

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Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon For Safer Intersections

Kali-FlashTM rapid rectangular flashing beacons are installed at crosswalks to encourage motorists to stop and allow pedestrians to cross safely.

Easy setup

Powered by a robust and certified solar panel that can be quickly and permanently installed on any type of pole without requiring a connection.

Guaranteed durability

Our RRFB solutions are designed to resist cold and shocks and covered by a 3-year warranty on components and labour.

Optimal visibility

Narrow beam flashing LED lights are highly visible at long distances and compliant with light signal standards (8.14, Tome V, MTQ).

Revolutionary Smart-DetektTM Passive Detection!

The beacon lights come on automatically when a pedestrian is detected and only if the latter approaches with the intention of crossing.

Activation will not be triggered if:
  • A pedestrian approaches without intending to cross
  • When a pedestrian who has crossed from one side arrives at the other side

Use Kali-FlashTM with our DynamikTM technology!


Kali-FlashTM connects to the DynamikTM web platform via a cloud connection to allow you to check their operation at any time.

Monitor the status of all your structures in real time
Operational statistics reports
Receive alerts in case of outage

Keep your citizens safe without deploying resources to perform audits or receiving complaints for out-of-service structures!

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More Information about RRFBs

Is your city or municipality looking to make the streets safer and easier to navigate through? Kalitec is the right partner for you. Our long expertise in designing and manufacturing rapid rectangular flashing beacons is second to none. We provide flashing beacons to increase pedestrian visibility.

Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist you with your project!

What is a Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB)?

A pedestrian flashing beacon falls under the category of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB). At Kalitec, we are RRFB manufacturers, and we design them with one goal; to improve the safety on traditional pedestrian crosswalk systems. The regular crossing warning signs do not use LED lights, which are extremely more detectable for drivers and pedestrians alike. Moreover, the RRFB system’s warning lights are more effective during daytime and nighttime.

The colour and flash rate pattern the RRFBs display or otherwise called WW+S (which stands for Wig-Wag + simultaneous) make them undeniably more noticeable even when there is rain and the roads are wet. They also are more distinguishable despite any headlight glare coming from motor vehicles or any other difficult weather or night conditions.

The Importance of a Pedestrian Flashing Beacon

RRFB on crosswalks have proven an increase in people walking more in their neighbourhoods and communities without any major changes in infrastructure. Since RRFBs have a different shape, a unique and rapid flashing pattern and brighter intensity, they can improve driver yield rates up to 96% and decrease crashes by 47%.

Sustainability and resilience

Our RRFBs are custom-made, and we design them to add beauty to street areas and parks. Moreover, our pedestrian flashing beacon is solar-powered and compliant with OTM, FHWA and Tome V (Quebec). Finally, all our RRFB crosswalks are designed and manufactured especially to resist the extreme weather conditions Canada is known for.

Safety with Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons

The pedestrian flashing beacons are designed with for many reasons such as:

  • Better road safety, allowing motorists to see better from a farther distance
  • Built to last, using resistant aluminum structure to resist the very specific Canadian weather conditions.
  • Easy to install RRFBs; the system can be attached to existing structures within an hour.

Our services to your needs

At Kalitec, our clients’ satisfaction is our primary goal. That is why we put a great amount of effort into the design, the manufacturing, and quality of our products. Our three-year warranty is another reminder we are here to assist you and make sure our products continue offering the level of quality we put forward.

We are proud to offer a personalized service that is efficient. With Kalitec, you will have good value for your money, high quality products and seasoned professionals who will be there for you from conception until the installation of the pedestrian flashing beacon.

We are part of the vision zero strategy

Vision Zero is a strategy, conceived in the 1990s in Sweden, and its goal is to eliminate all fatalities and grave injuries emanating from traffic collisions, while increasing the mobility of all parties concerned in a healthy and equitable way.

The vision zero strategy wants people to move more and be safe in the streets by implementing better RRFB crosswalk systems, PXO flashers, Rectangular rapid flashing beacon MUTCD, RRFB WW+S and by offering affordable rectangular rapid flashing beacon prices.

Vision Zero offers two major changes in the world of pedestrian traffic and its pedestrian safety, namely:

  • Create an area with RRFBs that minimize pedestrian and motor vehicle mistakes to ensure people’s safety. The concept also wants to make sure the inevitable mistakes do not cause irreparable damage to people’s health through injuries or to avoid fatalities. That is why, at Kalitec, we work closely with policymakers and our designers work hard to make products that improve the traffic control environment.
  • There is an interdisciplinary approach that brings people from different backgrounds together to make the traffic and walking environment better. For better efficiency, safety and to decrease injuries and fatalities, a vast array of professionals such as engineers, traffic planners, policymakers, and public health professionals work closely together. They study traffic patterns, speeds, behaviour and implement policies that minimize severe injuries and fatalities.

Kalitec’s professional expertise at your service

At Kalitec, our expertise and close collaboration with our clients has created many successful and durable partnerships. Our RRFB products are of superior quality and durability. Moreover, thanks to our seasoned experts, we continuously innovate, and we bring superior products to the market. Finally, we offer turnkey services which ensure we do a thorough follow-up on each stage of your project, from the design to the installation of the product.

Besides, with Kalitec, you get:

  • A proven technology with more than 200 RRFB units installed in various communities all over Canada
  • Industry-compliant products where we meet OTM and MUTCD standards.
  • All-in-one package which includes posts, accessories and anchoring hardware.
  • An automatic three-year limited warranty on parts and labour.
  • Products that are easy to install and be operational in less than 1 hour.