Our Products

Kalitec Police Cutouts

A proven way to get drivers’ attention and remind them to slow down in accident-prone areas.

Flexible delineator - road works

Allow high visibility of the roadway at all times.


Ideal safety barrier for blocking off the entrance to a bike path or multipurpose trail


Keep motorists a safe distance away from cyclists, pedestrians and other areas off limits to cars.

Kalitec Cutout

Signs that warn motorists to slow down in areas where there are children present. Standard visual features a realistic, life-size picture of a child.

Flexible Delineators - bike lanes

Mark bike lanes and paths to protect pedestrians and cyclists, and increase safety and comfort in high-risk areas.

Street Name Signs

Custom street name signs strengthens your community's identity.

City/Town Welcome Signs

Make a great first impression on your visitors! A custom welcome sign will highlight what makes your community unique.

Interpretive Signs

Ideal for parks, sightseeing destinations and historical landmarks.

Custom Welcome, Wayfinding and Tourism Signs

A sleek, attractive and hassle-free solution for helping your guests get where they want to go.

Adresse civique 911

The best way to make sure civic street numbers are easy to see from the road – day or night.

Radar Speed Sign

ISO 9001–certified technology clocks vehicle speeds and generates detailed traffic analysis reports.

Kali-Flash (RRFB)

Rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFBs) alert motorists of crossing pedestrians.

Flashing Signs

Designed to work in all weather conditions and compliant with Transportation Association of Canada standards.

Flashing Beacons

High-power, narrow-beam LEDs that will capture motorists’ attention and encourage them to adapt their driving behaviour.

LED No Parking Signs

Can be managed by way of an online platform or a remote control. A cost-effective alternative to installing temporary parking restriction signs.