The KalifixTM Breakaway Post System

KalifixTM is a coupling system made to break away in a specific place if a vehicle comes into contact with a roadside post. This is a smart, low-cost and sustainable solution designed specifically to make the road safer for motorists and other users.


Better road safety

The structure is designed to give way safely and protect drivers and other road users better than non-breakaway posts.

Easy installation

Can be put up by one person and mounted in any type of ground.

Instant repair

Post can be fixed in a matter of seconds: simply replace the old breakaway pin with a new one.

25-Year limited warranty

The warranty covers all three elements: post, anchor and pin.

Good for the planet

The post and anchoring device (95% of the assembly) can be reused after a collision, and 100% of the materials are recyclable.

Informations complémentaires

KalifixTM technology made its market debut in 1996 after 10 years of in-depth research and development, in collaboration with several municipal administrations and regional authorities. The goal was to come up with a long-lasting, affordable product that met users’ needs and was respectful of the environment.

Since then, we have been constantly making improvements to maximize quality and performance.


KalifixTM Installation

KalifixTM Repair After Impact