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Improve road sign visibility


drivers involved in an accident resulting in fatal injury to at least one pedestrian had for cause reduced visibility.


of drivers involved in all accidents resulting in bodily injury had for cause reduced visibility.

Difficult weather conditions such as snowstorms can drastically reduce the visibility of road signs, thus increasing the risk of accidents.

To find out all about our flashing beacons

Guaranteed visibility

Flashing LED signs help reinforce signage by increasing road sign visibility for improved road safety.


Optimal visibility

Equipped with powerful narrow beam lights that are visible from afar and a sensor allowing progressive adjustment according to the ambient lighting.

Guaranteed durability

Made with a waterproof casing and ultra-robust aluminum that is resistant to impacts or bad weather to operate year-round in any climate.

Easy setup

Designed to be quickly and easily installed on all types of supports such as lampposts, poles, etc.

Diode activation modes


Continuous operation to warn motorists at all times.


Programmed to activate the diodes for a predetermined period of time.

Press button

Activates at the push of a button and possibility of activating several signs simultaneously.

Use our flashing beacons with our DynamikTM technology!

The flashing beacons connect to the DynamikTM web platform through cloud technology allowing to verify functionality at all times.

Real-time control
Operational statistics reports
Receive alerts in case of outage

Keep your citizens safe without deploying resources to perform audits or receiving complaints for out-of-service structures!

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