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Rigid Bollards

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Restricting access to prohibited vehicles


Accidents with vulnerable users mainly occur in an urban environment


at pedestrian intersections


at cyclist intersections

Studies show that drivers lack consideration for cyclists and pedestrians at intersections because they pay more attention what is more dangerous for them, i.e. vehicles, given their greater mass compared to a vulnerable user.

Source : SAAQ

Protecting vulnerable users

Kalitec rigid bollards prevent vehicle access in specific areas such as bike paths, pedestrian areas and more.



Manufactured with hot-dip galvanized steel or 6005-T5 extruded aluminum.


Equipped with non-fading vinyle reflective stripes for visibility at all times.

Easy setup

Installed on planted anchors requiring no concrete blocks, thus avoiding extra costs.

Choice of shapes, sizes and colors on request

Removable bollards
  • Secures access to paths while allowing certain vehicles to pass.
  • Quick installation and can be locked with a simple padlock.
Rigid bollards
  • Offered in diameters ranging from 50 to 200mm.
  • Easy to install in all situations with the possibility of using KalifixTM technology.
Customized bollards
  • Customizable to better match their environment.
  • Made of the best materials to suit all your needs.

Secure cycle paths and pedestrian areas!