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Emergency signaling for priority lanes

Kali-FlowTM panels were chosen for priority lane projects on Boul. Corbusier in Laval (STL) and for the SRB Pie-IX in Montreal (STM).

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Optimize responsiveness in emergency situations

Kali-FlowTM panels are remotely controlled in real time using DynamikTM technology which makes their management more efficient.

Easy setup

Designed to be quickly and easily installed on all types of supports such as lampposts, poles, etc.

Optimal visibility

Equipped with powerful narrow beam lights that are visible from afar and a sensor allowing progressive adjustment according to the ambient lighting.

Guaranteed durability

Made with a waterproof casing and ultra-robust aluminum that is resistant to impacts or bad weather to operate year-round in any climate.

Customizable according to your needs!

Versatile display and function

Different custom elements, colors, shapes and sizes are available for each application.

Solar or electricity powered

Solar energy with an autonomous system that does not require expensive infrastructure.
Connection to the electrical network.

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Use Kali-FlowTM with our DynamikTM technology!

Real-time activation and distance control
Through the DynamikTM platform
Operation statistics
Alarms in the event of a defect
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