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Effective “radar operations”


Reduced speeding

One driver out of three witnesses a collision or a near-collision. One out of two times, a child is involved in these collisions. 49% of parents surveyed were dissastisfied with the safety of local streets.

Source : CAA Québec

To find out all about police officer silhouette

The fear of getting a ticket is effective leverage.

The effectiveness of the Police Officer Cutout offers conclusive results in slowing down traffic. To maximize its effect, it is a good idea to change it’s location regularly.


An effective tool.


Made with durable materials that are resistant to vandalisme which maximizes its lifetime.


Draws attention from afar to induce slowing down speed as soon as visible.

The Police Officer Cutout is foldable for easy transportation.

Two installation options
On mobile support: easily deployable anywhere.
On existing support: installed with an included padlock.

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