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Flexible Delineators and Markers

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Steel-FlexTM Technology

Resistant to repeated impacts

limited 10 years warranty

For just over a quarter of the cyclists who died, the accident occurred in the evening or at night, between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Source : SAAQ Québec

Making high-risk areas safer

Our flexible delineators and beacons are highly visible and accentuate existing signage, delimiting bike lanes or creating security corridors near pedestrian crossings.



Folds easily and straightens immediately to prevent damage to vehicles and potential injuries.


Made with anticorrosion steel capable of resisting more than 1,500 impacts and has a 10-year warranty.


Equipped with non-fading vinyle reflective stripes for visibility at all times.

Steel-Flex<sup>TM</sup> – installed on pavement

For cycle paths and pedestrian corridors

Steel-Flex<sup>TM</sup> – installed in-ground

For road work

Option: Flexible Beacon

To remind the speed limit and slow down vehicle traffic by narrowing the road

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Increase the safety of your roads where it counts the most!