Wayfinding Signs from Kalitec

Good wayfinding signage gets people where they need to go quickly and easily. But great wayfinding signage takes things one step further and actually enhances the surrounding environment and user experience. At Kalitec, we take great pleasure in combining functionality and flair to ensure your directional signs are easy to spot, easy to read and easy to understand – keeping your visitors safe, satisfied and happy.

The Kalitec Difference

Free design services

Preliminary drawings and project quote provided at no extra charge.

Guaranteed to last

Durable and corrosion-resistant, comes with a limited 25-year warranty.

No concrete base required

Heavy-duty poles driven straight into the ground are a more economical and ecological choice.

Easy setup

Fast installation, suitable for all types of soil.

Industry-leading performance

Full compliance with all visibility and safety standards.

Complementary information

Our expert advisors are here to help you with all of the aspects of your signage project, including graphic design, budget analysis and assistance with technical specifications and installation.