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Looking for a safe and durable solution for your road signage needs? Look no further than Kalitec’s Breakaway post. Our unique hardware pieces are designed to provide superior quality, durability, and safety for your sign post installations.

With our advanced engineering and innovative approach, we continually strive to enhance our technologies and offer cutting-edge solutions to meet your specific requirements.

How does it work?

When a vehicle collides with a sign post equipped with a breakaway system, the system is designed to allow the sign post to separate from the anchor post. Most systems work with simple components such as a pounded anchor, a post and a breakaway hardware.

In many cases, both the anchor post and the sign post can be reused after the accident. To do this, simply reattach the sign post to the ground post using a replacement breakaway pin. This process is straightforward and eliminates the need to excavate the anchor post and install a new one.

What are breakaway posts?

You know how in hockey, when players collide with the goal net, it comes off its anchor and slides away? This prevents countless injuries. Well, the idea behind breakaway posts is exactly the same.

A one-of-a-kind signage support!

Breakaway hardware is a unique type of street signage. Basically, you have a post anchor (a base) and a sign post (a long stick). The sign post is designed to break away from the base post upon impact. This reduces damage to vehicles and improves safety.

Breakaway sign post system

The advantages of our breakaway hardware

Easy setup

The installation process is simple and straightforward, both at the initial set up or after an impact using a breakaway hardware kit. Installation requires a single individual and can be performed on all types of soil.

Guaranteed durability

A core idea behind breakaway sign post systems is their durability. Their capacity to endure not only time, but also impacts. Our materials are both high-performance and corrosion-resistant. We also offer a 25-year warranty.

Are you interested in further increasing the longevity of your signs? Discover our Print Armor technology, protecting against graffiti and UV rays.

Eco-conscious and economical

The reusability of a breakaway sign post system’s components reduces both waste and expenses.

Improved safety

High speed collisions with a fixed traffic sign can sometimes prove fatal. However, our range of quality products has a well-documented history of enhancing safety and mitigating such risks.

Ensure safety with our Kalifix technology for breakaway hardware

Over 300,000 posts installed in Canada

We have employed our Kalifix technology to install more than 300,000 posts in Canada, encompassing various types of posts.

Trust in our expertise to provide you with safe and reliable breakaway hardware.

breakaway sign post systems

Maintenance and safety considerations

Proper installation and maintenance of breakaway equipment is essential for ensuring safety. We provide detailed information on the installation process and maintenance considerations.

Installation process for breakaway equipment

  1. Pin insertion and anchoring
  2. Self-locking rods engagement using a hammer
  3. Post insertion
  4. Bolting

Technical specifications

  • Elliptical piece in aluminum alloy
  • 2 steel rods (held with an aluminum block)
  • 2 stainless steel bolts

For a safe, durable, eco-conscious, and economical solution to meet your road signage needs, consider choosing Kalitec‘s break-away post systems.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any question regarding our product details. We are happy to assist you with any item model you may be interested in.

Secure cycle paths and pedestrian areas!