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A custom gateway sign by Kalitec
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At Kalitec, we specialize in crafting community gateway signs that not only welcome visitors but also enhance the visual and safety aspects of city entrances. These signs play a crucial role in urban revitalization, seamlessly integrating with the local landscape while promoting safer, more inviting city gateways. By focusing on innovative design and sustainable materials, we ensure that each sign reflects the community’s identity and values.

​Customize Your Town With Style

Kalitec offers tailored solutions in gateway signage that fuse functionality with innovative design, elevating the aesthetic of your town’s entry points. By integrating elements of modern design and the unique character of your community, each welcome sign not only welcomes but captivates, enhancing the overall appeal of the area. Whether it’s through the incorporation of local cultural motifs or the application of cutting-edge design cycles, our signs make a definitive statement that boosts both pride and visibility in your community.


A custom gateway sign for a town by Kalitec

Highly Visible & Resistant Gateway Signs

Kalitec is committed to producing gateway signs that stand out not just in design but in durability and visibility, ensuring that each sign is a lasting, effective element of urban infrastructure.

High-Quality Materials

We use only the best materials designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climates, from heavy snow to intense sun. Materials like high-grade aluminum and weather-resistant plastics ensure that each sign maintains its colour and structural integrity over time.

Through these innovations, Kalitec’s gateway signs do not just direct; they endure and engage, making them a permanent asset for any community.

The Kalitec Difference

Kalitec stands out in the field of gateway signage through our commitment to customization, quality, and community-focused solutions. Our approach is not just about creating signs but fostering a stronger sense of place and safety through thoughtful design and technology.


100% Custom Gateway Signs

Each sign project at Kalitec is a unique creation, designed to reflect the specific values and aesthetics of the community it represents. From the initial design to the final product, we ensure that every detail aligns with the client’s vision and needs, incorporating elements from local art or cultural landmarks to create a truly bespoke gateway.

Easy to Set up

Kalitec’s gateway signs are engineered for simplicity in installation and maintenance. Our team provides full support throughout the installation process, ensuring a seamless integration into your community’s landscape. This ease of setup extends to the maintenance of the signs, designed for durability with minimal need for upkeep.

By prioritizing customization and ease of use, Kalitec not only enhances the entrance of your town but also simplifies the process, allowing municipal leaders to focus on other aspects of urban development and planning.

Revitalize Your Town With Kalitec’s Gateway Signs

Embrace the transformative power of Kalitec’s gateway signs to revitalize your community’s entry points. Our signs not only enhance the visual appeal of your town but also ensure lasting durability and high visibility, reflecting your commitment to both aesthetics and safety. By choosing Kalitec, you’re not just installing signs; you’re elevating the entire experience of entering your community.

Ready to make a lasting impressionContact us today to discuss how our custom gateway signs can redefine the welcoming face of your town. Let’s work together to create gateways that are not only informational but inspirational, driving forward both the beauty and functionality of your urban spaces.