Smart Traffic Light

A smart traffic light

Experience the transformative power of Connectivity technology with Kalitec’s innovative smart traffic light solutions. Experience the future of urban mobility with Kalitec’s innovative smart traffic light solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology not only ensures seamless traffic flow but also prioritizes enhanced safety measures, significantly reducing the occurrence of accidents. Discover the professional service that make Kalitec the leading choice for cutting-edge traffic management systems, offering a wide range of products that cater to diverse urban mobility needs.

Reduce speeding by adopting EarlTM!

EarlTM monitors the speed limit. It displays red “at rest” and then rewards drivers for respecting the limit with a green light.

A smart traffic light

Our smart traffic light uses state-of-the-art technology, such as advanced sensors and cameras, to adapt to incoming traffic. This innovative solution optimizes lane management, facilitating a seamless flow of vehicles and ultimately improving traffic safety while minimizing the occurrence of traffic jams.

With improved average travel times, people end up reaching their destination faster while respecting the speed limit! Choose Kalitec for cutting-edge traffic light solutions that prioritize crossing safety and enable efficient urban mobility.

A LED flashing signs in a street
An intelligent street signage

24/7 Traffic Officer

Kalitec’s smart traffic light system acts as a 24/7 traffic officer. It monitors traffic patterns and performs real-time traffic signal adjustment to optimize traffic flow. According to city planners, this advanced system improves safety on city streets and reduces traffic congestion at busy intersections. This is an advantage for :

  1. drivers
  2. cyclists
  3. pedestrians

How Smart Traffic Lights Work?

Technologies Used in Smart Traffic Lights

Kalitec’s smart traffic light systems employ advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (neural networks/deep learning algorithms), radar sensors, infrared sensors, and light detection to adapt to the current road situation. This allows for efficient and intelligent management of traffic volume and patterns, keeping the entire city moving thanks to reduced traffic density.

Impact on Cities and Transportation Networks

Experience the transformative power of connectivity technology with Kalitec’s innovative smart traffic light solutions. Implementing smart signals significantly improves urban mobility and public transportation efficiency (public transport schedules become more reliable). By reducing congestion and optimizing traffic flow, these systems contribute to the Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

Another significant impact of reduced traffic density is a greater freedom of movement for emergency response vehicles in lanes. Of course, shorter average journey times for emergency vehicles can save lives.

Of course, effective road traffic optimization requires multiple smart traffic lights at intersections across the city. An advanced traffic light system that leverages an entire network of intelligent traffic light devices to replace regular traffic lights can act as a unified city brain.

The mass adoption of autonomous vehicles will probably come later than initially expected. These vehicles struggle to move past the pilot project stage despite efforts and investment from influential companies. An advanced traffic light system is therefore the best way to make your city intersections safe and pedestrian traffic safe.

Benefits of Smart Traffic Lights

Smart Traffic Light

Road signage on a street
Quick and easy installation

Kalitec’s smart traffic light systems are designed for quick and easy installation, minimizing disruption to existing traffic light control systems and city infrastructure. Our solar-powered smart traffic signals options not only offer an environmentally friendly solution to traditional traffic lights. They are also easy to install, as they are self-sufficient.

Simplified maintenance

Our smart traffic light systems require minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting efficiency. Parts are detachable and easily replaceable.


Smart traffic signals have a demonstrated impact on traffic-calming, reducing average speeds, reducing congestion at busy intersections, and making streets safer. By optimizing the flow of traffic, these systems contribute to safer and more sustainable urban environments.

Our Expertise in Smart Signaling

EarlTM electric

Earl™ is an adaptive traffic signal control tool. It operates in the following way. It displays a red light when there are no vehicles present. It also measures vehicle speed in real-time. If a driver is detected and traveling at a safe speed, the intelligent traffic system will display a green light, encouraging the driver to maintain their current speed. However, if the vehicle travels beyond the speed limit, the light will remain red as a reminder to slow down.

This intelligent traffic control system is entirely electricity-powered, thus contributing to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

EarlTM solar

Our Earl™ solar smart traffic light harnesses the power of the sun. Thus offering an eco-friendly and innovative intelligent transport solution for cities looking to improve their traffic management while reducing their harmful emissions and improving their city’s air quality.

Of course, we also offer more conventional road speed reduction tools, for example, our radar speed signs.

Kalitec's good advice : an educational sign

To help drivers understand Earl™, we strongly advise you to display an educational sign with it. We provide ready-to-use educational sign kits.

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Speeding is one of the leading causes of road accidents. According to one study, reducing speed by 5 km/h would allow to reduce the number of road accidents by 15% each year**.

Sources : *McGill University – **SAAQ Québec

Kalitec, a specialist in Smart Signaling and Urban Revitalization

With a company focus on comprehensive service and high-quality products, Kalitec is the top choice for cities and smaller municipalities seeking innovative solutions for traffic management, urban revitalization and pedestrian crossing.

Our digital traffic signals have contributed to safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation networks across Canadian cities.

Trust in our expertise to provide efficient and intelligent traffic light management systems that enhance safety in your city while reducing carbon emissions. By implementing these advanced systems, urban mobility and public transportation efficiency are significantly improved, making public transport schedules more reliable. Take the first step towards a smarter, safer urban environment by choosing Kalitec for your intelligent traffic light needs.

Contact us today to discover our products and learn more about our comprehensive services and innovative solutions for mobile travel.

What is smart traffic light system?

A smart traffic light system refers to an advanced transportation management technology that uses sensors, cameras, and data analytics to dynamically control traffic flow, optimize signal timings, and improve overall traffic efficiency and safety.

What sensors are used in smart traffic lights?

Smart traffic light systems utilize various sensors, including video cameras, induction loop detectors, infrared sensors, and radar detectors, to collect real-time data for effective traffic management and signal control. These sensors enable the system to detect vehicle presence, count traffic volume, measure speeds, and make informed decisions for optimizing traffic flow.

Are traffic lights controlled by AI?

Some traffic lights are controlled by AI, utilizing real-time data from sensors and cameras to optimize timing and sequencing, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion. However, not all traffic lights have AI control, as it depends on the specific implementation and infrastructure.

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