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Custom signage


  • Welcome sign
  • Wayfinding signs
Client : McGill University
Services : Design, manufacturing, installation
Year : 2017

Description :
Exterior signage is at the center of a location’s image while at the same time providing key information to visitors and enhancing their experience. With that in mind, McGill University decided to revitalize their whole wayfinding and welcome signs across their three campuses.

The visual elements had been predetermined and they were looking for a partner to design how to build the signs, and then to manufacture and install the project. Kalitec developed a complete custom system for this project using aluminum extrusions that fit one into the other, without any visible hardware.

More than one hundred building identification signs have been installed.
A welcome sign of 12 feet (3,6 m) wide.
The signs are made of panels slided on top of each other, allowing easy update of the contents in the future years to come.
Aluminum extrusions specifically designed for this project allow for fast assembly without any visible hardware.
A total of 5 types of signs with different shapes and sizes have been installed accross the 3 campuses.