Radar Speed Signs in Ottawa

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  • Radar Speed Sign

Client: City of Ottawa
Services: Furniture
Year: 2016-2019



As part of their Traffic Calming Program, the City of Ottawa partnered with Kalitec for the supply of over 500 radar speed signs. The number of units deployed having greatly surpassed the initial desired amount, Kalitec is proud of the City’s satisfaction towards our product and services. Over one hundred of the speed boards are Cloud connected, which allows for programming and reporting data remotely. All the other signs have the Bluetooth connection, which allows for these functionalities within a few meters of the boards.

We are very pleased with the different facets of their product, such as ease of connecting and programming the Speed Display Boards (SDB’s) via Bluetooth or Cloud, the durability of the hardware through extreme weather conditions and also the simplicity of deploying their SDB’s. We continually receive positive feedback from residents in relation to the aesthetics of the SDB’s and the effectiveness of the customizable message option. Robert Charbonneau Project Coordinator, Temporary Traffic Calming Program