City of Granby

Granby - Pencil shaped custom bollards

Custom signage

Products :

  • Pencil shaped custom bollards
Client : City of Granby
Services : Design, Fabrication
Year : 2018 – 2019

Description :
The City of Granby knows how to make something useful also enjoyable. While securing an intersection near one of its school, the City approached Kalitec with the idea to customize their future bollards into pencils.

The general appreciation for this initiative was great. So, the year after, it was repeated for two additional intersections : hockey sticks near the arena and cattails near a park.

At Kalitec, that is the kind of innovative project that brings out the passion in us ! A big thanks to a particularly creative team at the City of Granby !


The bollards are reflective and bear the City’s logo.

The paint on the pavement adds to the joyful atmosphere of the intersection.

A total of 7 custom pencil bollards were installed.

At the time of writing these lines, the cattails and hockey sticks have not been installed yet.

The cattails and hockey sticks are designed with our KalifixMC breakaway post system.