Customized panels are always a useful tool in various life situations. As a priority, when it comes to everything related to road signs.

The benefits of choosing the customized option, over the prefabricated one, is that it will make it easier to meet your individual needs and requirements. For this very reason, when contracting a road signs service, you must be sure that it will meet not only your requirements as a buyer. In addition to this, you must also comply with the regulations set by the local government of your city.

In order to present you with the best traffic signs in Quebec, Kalitec is in a constant process of modernization. We have exclusive technologies such as Print Armor and Dynamik.

Here are four of the main reasons to choose our customized panels.

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1. Customized panels allow you to meet specific needs

Choosing traffic signs is not always an easy task. Most prefabricated designs are all the same and have no elements that make them look different. A custom sign is a unique design that meets your particular needs.

Custom signs can be used to promote a specific message or advertise a product. If you would like a custom sign for your business, consider contracting the services we have available.

At Kalitec, throughout our more than thirty years of history, we have been able to implement new technologies in each project. Our Custom signs system, offers an aesthetic and high performance result. Ideal to meet your needs.

2. They provide functionality and preserve the essence of each client

The aesthetic details and the functionality of each of the customized panels are two aspects that must work in harmony. What does this mean? It means that each traffic sign will seek to meet the needs of each customer, being efficient, functional and durable.

However, in addition to offering high-end services, with incomparable designs, they will also be highly efficient, where mechanical design, visibility and legibility will be paramount.

On our website you will find:

  • City welcome signs
  • Directional signage and wayfinding
  • Interpretive signs
  • Delineators and flexible markers
  • Street name signs
  • Or an illuminated traffic sign such as LED flashing signs

There are many custom panel options. A standard traffic sign will help you communicate state regulations and provide directions to your customers. You can also create a sign with your company logo and message. These types of road signs are often highly visible and are an important way to promote a business.

3. High quality materials, innovative designs

Another major reason for choosing Custom signs is the incorporation of high quality materials. When you purchase signs, you will usually be provided with a detailed report on the material and its ability to withstand.

At Kalitec we have designed completely modern systems that also provide extra safety on the road. Such is the case of Kalifix technology. If you want to know the complete information, click on this link. It will take you to detailed and first-hand information about its operation.

4. You get a safe and professional service

Custom panels are a great way to display your message. You can use them to advertise a business, an event, a particular location or the most frequent use, as a road sign.

Given its functionality, you need to ensure that from the choice of materials, to the design and execution of the project, everything is performed by professionals. When choosing a signage company, you should make sure to verify that it meets the requirements you request. But, in addition, you should also verify that it has the corresponding accreditations.

Kalitec is a company that is also endorsed by the Quebec Ministry of Transportation. Our entire team is professionally trained and specialized. Our custom signs team is made up of highly skilled graphic designers, industrial designers and electronic engineers.

Customized panels: purchase a road sign in Quebec

The purchase of traffic signs is a more common practice than it seems. It is necessary to take into consideration the importance of incurring in such an economic investment. Buying Custom signs is a symbol of commitment, because in addition to the commercial function they may have, they acquire an informative character.

Remember that customized signs are perfect when it comes to warn about any danger on the road. In addition to suggesting or warning about an action, or informing about particular issues. Therefore, a traffic sign is what you need to establish a communication system between you and passers-by. Find traffic signs for sale at Kalitec.

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