Traffic signs in Quebec: they constitute a conglomerate of fundamental elements for the proper coexistence of all those who make use of public roads. They are generally adapted to the rules and statutes established by the traffic regulatory bodies of each region.

While it is true that there is affinity between them, it is likely that they also have differences or peculiarities, depending on the country or region of origin. 

At Kalitec we have acquired the commitment and responsibility to design and produce high quality signage. One of our main purposes is to protect and guarantee the integrity of our citizens, through the design and strategic placement of traffic signs.

With this in mind, we have put together a comprehensive Guide to Traffic Signals in Quebec. Learn more about the importance of this service when it comes to road safety.  

What is Road Signs and Signals?

Road signs are the set of images or signs that allow you to obtain and interpret a message as a road user. Its design must be focused on precision and visibility at long distances. They must be able to convey a clear and concise message to both drivers and pedestrians.

Signage and traffic regulations

Article 289 of the Quebec Highway Safety Code explains what message traffic signs are intended to convey, based on their composition and meaning. This section also provides mandatory guidelines for the manufacture and installation of road signs. This by companies in charge of providing this service.

At Kalitec, in addition to offering the most innovative signage services in the market, we have the endorsement of the Quebec Ministry of Transportation. An example of this is our ultra-resistant LED light panels, which perform their function optimally, even in adverse weather conditions.

Types of Traffic Signs in Quebec

Traffic signs may have similar characteristics in all regions of the world, for, after all, we are talking about a relatively “universal” type of language. However, they are not exempt from having or acquiring specific characteristics.

From signage we can highlight mainly two things: symbology and color. In the specific case of Quebec, the predominant colors are yellow, red and orange, and each of them serves a specific need.

First of all, we have the red traffic signs, which correspond to regulatory signs. As their name indicates, they are designed precisely to warn motorists and pedestrians about rules and regulations that must be fully complied with.

The second type is of a preventive nature. Yellow color predominates and its basic guideline is to warn the driver of unexpected situations that may occur on the road. Finally, we have the orange signs. These correspond to temporary signs, such as road closures or work in progress, which merit a warning. 

It is important to remember that omitting some of these indications could be considered a serious offense.

Why are traffic signs important in Quebec?

As everywhere else in the world, it is essential to consider that the main purpose of traffic signs is to ensure the well-being and road safety of road users. Regardless of their method of mobilization, traffic signs seek to preserve the safety of common spaces.

They warn of unexpected turns in the road, which, among other things, helps to prevent unforeseen events that could affect the integrity of citizens. They also provide useful information about destinations or the availability of services. The importance of choosing the right Road Signage service.

Remember that when choosing a suitable road marking service, you must ensure that it complies with the guidelines set out in the Road Safety Code. It is possible that you may have to pay attention to the specifications and norms of the city ordinances.

At Kalitec, in addition to having the necessary experience to give you quality signage, we make sure that it complies with the necessary principles, in accordance with the general regulations. These are: credibility, uniformity and homogeneity, visibility, legibility, clarity, coherence and adaptation. Our modern signage technologies make this possible.  

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