Who to turn to when it comes to the installation of traffic signs? We will all agree that, despite knowing the importance of signage, we rarely question the installation process.

Each traffic sign, depending on its nature, will require a particular treatment at the time of installation. The way it is executed may have a positive or negative impact on its resistance, durability and efficiency.

Regardless of the materials of which it is composed, a proper installation will prolong the service life of the road signs. At Kalitec we offer a highly efficient installation service, in which precision is paramount.

As it is developed by a team of professionals, it acquires an additional guarantee in each project.

Knowing how important it is to maintain the road signs, here are a few things to consider.

When to use a traffic sign installation service?

The first big question related to the installation of traffic signs is, at what point should I consider installing road signs at a certain location? First of all, we must clarify that traffic signs are installed on the road must comply with a number of parameters presented below.

1. Fulfills a need

The road sign panels are an example of communication by means of signs and signals, which aim to convey a message. Depending on their nature, they can alert us as a sign of danger, caution or simply inform us that road works are in progress.

The purpose of road signs is to minimize road incidents. By this we refer mainly to those related to inadequate signage or lack thereof.

2. Complies with city regulations

Another parameter that must be established is the one that responds to the regulations of each city. It is important that, together with the traffic signs installation team, they verify whether the project is feasible or not.

At Kalitec you will find modern signaling systems, endorsed by the Quebec Ministry of Transportation. Among them we can highlight our Flashing signs or Kali-Flash.

We also have an anchoring system called Kalifix, which provides extra security to each installation.

3. It has visibility and clarity of interpretation

As mentioned in point one, traffic signs are considered as a form of communication in which the use of voice is suppressed and replaced by signs and signals. From this originates the need to be clear, visible and easy to interpret. Accordingly, the Highway Safety Code contains a section devoted exclusively to clarifying these details.

When you hire a professional signage service like ours, you will have the knowledge established in the regulations. Among the values listed therein, in the design and installation of traffic signs, the use of color, type of font, measurements and design of each panel stand out.

Why choose Kalitec’s traffic signal installation system?

The installation of traffic signs is an important activity. We have already talked about its role in Road Safety. We are a road sign company and manufacturer of road signs, committed to the safety and welfare of citizens.

Purchasing traffic signs is an activity that should be carried out responsibly. When you buy cheap road signs, you may be able to reduce your out-of-pocket costs in the short term. However, cheap road signs can be more easily damaged, unsafe and made of poor materials.

Kalitec’s traffic sign installation team will support you in the installation or assist your own team. It is worth mentioning that each activity will be developed according to the regulations of the municipality and of course, the requirements of your particular project.

Purchase traffic signs in Quebec with us and also our installation service. We have more than thirty years of experience serving our customers.

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