Traffic signs and their meaning represent a fundamental part for the proper circulation of pedestrians, vehicles and other road actors, in the different arteries that make up the street system of a community, city or country.

At Kalitec we know the importance of road signs, and for that reason, here are the main traffic signs and their meaning in Quebec.

Classification of traffic signs and their meaning in Quebec

These signs represent a guide for users. With them, they can foresee and condition the maneuvers they make, and thus facilitate their own travel on the road, as well as that of other road users. However, it is not limited only to vehicle drivers.

It also includes workers handling machinery, cyclists, motorcyclists and, of course, pedestrians.

The classification of traffic signs gives users the ability to identify each sign according to its function or role in the road signage issue. There may be some variations, but in most cases this classification will range between three main colors: red, yellow and orange.

Regulatory Traffic Signs

The main purpose of regulatory signs is to show the user which are the limits or restrictions he/she has at the moment of moving. Disrespecting any of these signs is a punishable offense. Although most of these signs are red, it is also possible to find others in white or black.

They are also known as Prescription Signs, and indicate an obligation or prohibition.

Preventive Traffic Signs

Preventive traffic signs are mainly characterized by the use of yellow color. Their main purpose is to prevent or warn of possible unexpected situations that may occur on the road.

Thus, giving users the possibility to formulate a strategy in advance. Some examples of the use of this color can be: “sharp curve”, “bump slope”, “traffic light ahead”, “pedestrian caution”, “animal crossing”, among others.

They are known for being sometimes those traffic signs that preside over the prescription signs, since there is a certain tendency to indicate special points on the public road. They can also be found in yellow-green colors. School zones are usually represented by this specific color.

Temporary Traffic Signs

They are used in activities that are generally of a transitory nature. Their main purpose is to alert drivers and pedestrians of certain detours, possible road closures or, most commonly, road works.

The color with which signs of this category are usually identified is orange. As mentioned above, this type of sign will refer to situations such as: “construction ahead”, “lane closed”, “temporary detour”, etc.


Other Traffic Signs in Quebec

We could say that the main traffic signs are those mentioned in the first paragraphs, but there are also others that are of great importance. Signs indicating a direction, a distance, a point of interest, the name of a street, can be brown, blue or red, depending on their nature.

Similarly, there are shapes and figures reserved for sending very specific messages to drivers. Such is the case of the octagon “STOP” sign, the triangle “Give way” or the pentagon indicating the “Start of a school zone”.

These signs are intended to elicit specific attitudes on the part of motorists. This in order to maintain a healthy coexistence and the safety of pedestrians.

Always remember to pay special attention to each of the traffic signs. These will allow you to make the coexistence with other users a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Pictograms in Quebec

Pictograms are also widely used in Quebec because they are easy to understand and read by both pedestrians and motorists. To ensure their effectiveness, it is necessary to use only those that are standardized and not to modify their shape or name.

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