Smart Signage

In 2005, Kalitec became one of the first Canadian companies to venture into smart signage. In the years since, we have developed a wide range of smart signage solutions, making us one of the most versatile and trusted providers on the market.

Our Products

Radar Speed Signs

ISO 9001–certified technology clocks vehicle speeds and generates detailed traffic analysis reports.

FRCR Kali-Flash

Rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFBs) alert motorists of crossing pedestrians.

Flashing Signs

Designed to work in all weather conditions and compliant with Transportation Association of Canada standards.

Flashing Beacons

High-power, narrow-beam LEDs that will capture motorists’ attention and encourage them to adapt their driving behaviour.

No Parking Signs

Can be managed by way of an online platform or a remote control. A cost-effective alternative to installing temporary parking restriction signs.