Snow removal operations are very costly for municipalities: the purchase of abrasive, field coordination, vehicle maintenance and upkeep, etc. In short, to plan the snow removal of a sector, many resources must be deployed before, during and after the work. The shortage of qualified manpower is not without consequences for the management of operations in the field. Several municipalities are trying to find solutions to optimize time and costs.


A pilot project with the City of Laval in 2020-2021
Managing parking during snow removal operations is one of the challenges that the City of Laval is regularly faced with. In densely populated neighbourhoods, on-street parking is omnipresent. Clear parking regulations are therefore key to effective snow removal.

As part of its pilot project, the City of Laval was looking to improve no-parking signs in the Ampère neighbourhood. The objective was to find a winning solution to ensure the quality and efficiency of snow removal while prohibiting parking for the shortest time possible, in the most targeted areas.


Proposed solution
Kalitec proposed to the City of Laval the installation of 21 intelligent parking lights that can be controlled in real time and remotely by the public works team from the Dynamik web platform. The operation is very simple: when the lights are on, it indicates to citizens to find an alternative parking spot since street maintenance is scheduled in that area.


The advantages of smart parking lights for citizens and the benefits for operators:

  • Remotely monitor parking bans in real time;
  • Provide a clear communication channel to residents in the area;
  • Impose a parking ban only when operations are in progress;
  • Reduce the number of tows and thus accelerate operations;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Results :
In total, the City of Laval estimates that it has greatly reduced its snow removal management costs in the Ampère sector.

From the outset, the new lights were also well understood by citizens. In total, only one infraction report was issued during the first snow removal operation, which lasted four days. In addition, no complaints, uncertainties or negative comments were received by the City.

The City of Laval considers this pilot project a success and plans to deploy more lights in the future.


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